• KB Impuls Hellas Antenna Area

  • KB Impuls Hellas Antenna Area

  • KB Impuls Hellas Antenna Area

  • KB Impuls Hellas Antenna Area

  • KB Impuls Hellas Antenna Area

  • KB Impuls Hellas Antenna Area


KB Impuls Hellas, a member of DEMCO Group, was incorporated and licensed by EETT (National Telecommunications Committee) in Greece in 1999 and it has already become the dominant satellite communications player in the Balkans and Middle East, while it is now making major inroads in Africa. In addition KB Impuls Hellas is one of the largest service providers in fiber, satellite and wireless communication solutions in East and Southern Europe. The company has excellent telecom infrastructure in a wholly owned, modern facility in Athens and employs fully trained and expert personnel; furthermore, it is strategically interconnected to several international and local telephony providers. We provide satellite communications and network services, packaged together with redundancy, 24/7 technical support and are able to design and supply best of breed solutions, hardware included, aiming to always be at the forefront of technology and service provision.

KB Impuls Hellas - A Leader in the Communications Field

KB Impuls Hellas owns one of the major and most sophisticated telecom nodes in the in Balkans.

The core activities of KB Impuls Hellas are: 

1. Teleport Facilities - Collocation Services
2. Internet Access Services
3. Voice Connectivity
4. Satellite segment
5. Satellite Networking Services
6. Fiber Connectivity
7. Special Projects

In this context, KB Impuls Hellas undertakes:

• to offer, through the use of satellite technology, flexible and efficient solutions capable of satisfying specific customers’ demands;
• to provide its customers with the necessary satellite capacity and operating rights;
• to install, commission, support and maintain all the infrastructure required, offering a stable, robust and uninterrupted service to our customers.

Our core clientele includes:

        - almost the entire banking system in Greece and the Balkans,
        - the major ISPs and voice carriers in the Balkans, Middle East and Africa including PTT’s (Yemen MOT)
        - most of the Greek corporation with international activity and - the Greek State, amongst whom we would like to mention the Greek Armed Forces, that are interconnected via satellite with peace keeping troops in Afghanistan.

To sum up, KB Impuls Hellas is your satellite service provider of choice in a fast moving world and a far operating business community.

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KB IMPULS HELLAS S.A.  73 Rizountos & Afroditis Str, Elliniko,  GR-167 77
Phone +30 212 212 3600 - FAX +30 212 212 3625 - Email: info@kbihellas.com